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caus▓e, perhaps, possessed of somew●hat more personal attraction, had won th▓e attentions of a young man

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w▓ho had come down to Liverpool, he sa●id, for a week’s pleasure.No one▓ knew anything about Isaac Lev▓

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soluta nobis eleifend

ison.As a companion, Perez himse▓lf owned he was very entertaining▓, but that was not quite sufficient● t

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    o make him a good husband.▓Assurances that he was well able to suppor▓t a wife and family, with Perez and Rac●hel (they were not then married), went for nothi▓ng; they wanted proofs, and these● he either could not or would not br▓

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    ing; but in vain they remonstrated.Le▓ah had never liked their auth●ority or good example, and in this point d▓etermined to have her own way. They were marr▓ied, and left Liverpool to reside ▓in London, and Leah’s communication

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s were too● few and far between to betray● much concerning their circumstances.At length▓ came

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a letter, stating that Leah was a mo▓ther, but telling also that pover●ty and privation had stol

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en upon them.Their sub●stance in a few troubled years● had made itself wings, and flown away▓ w

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hen most needed, and Leah now applied for ass▓istance to those very friends whose kind▓ness and virtues she had so ▓often treated with contempt.The fact ●was, Levison

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had embarked all his lit●tle capital (collected no one kne●w how) in an establi

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    shment dashing i●n appearance, but wanting the basis of ▓honesty and religion.After seeming to flouri●sh for a few years, it, of cou▓rse, failed at last, exposing its● propr

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    ietors to deserved odium and dis▓trust, and their families to irretrievable distr▓ess. For seven years Perez ▓and his wife almost supported Le●ah and her child (secretly i

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    ndeed, for ●no one in Liverpool imagined they had need to ▓do so).Leah was still too dear, for the fa●ults and follies of her husband, and perha▓ps her own imprudences, to fo

  • rm any subject● of conversation with her relative▓s. At length Leah wrote that she was ill, v●ery ill.She thought the hand of d?/p>
    duct, but ▓in s

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  • 坋ath was on her; and she feared it for her chil●d, her darling Sarah, whom she had striven to● preserve pure amidst the scenes of m

    kindness, t●h
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